"The body is a sacred garment..."
~Martha Graham

Offerings at Luminosity

Traditional Yoga

"Meditation must begin with the body." (Iyengar) Rooted in the Hatha yoga tradition, Cundy customizes a series of postures (asanas) for each of her private clients in order to help them re-member who they are.

Conscious Movement

The body does not lie. When we allow movement to arise from the inside out, we are more fully alive. At the Luminosity Studio, students are encouraged not to "workout" but to "work in."


Bodywork without the breath is just calisthenics. When we add the sweetness of the breath to any posture or movement, we deepen our relationship to the present moment. This is how we wake up!

Why Private Yoga?

At Luminosity, Cundy's approach to working with students is based on the spoken and unspoken dialogue between teacher and student. There are none of the distractions that can accompany group classes. The session is all about you and your self care.

  • Each session supports the person you are when you walk in the studio that day.
  • The sessions are quiet, just right for the person who is more comfortable in a small setting.
  • A private session at Luminosity is an opportunity for individualized attention and hands-on adjustments, particularly while in the asanas.

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Yoga as Medicine, Movement as Prayer...


At Luminosity, not only will you realign your musculoskeletal system through asana, you are also invited to balance your inner and outer experience.


"Any time we move and breathe, we move from graphite to diamond..." (Dr. Ruddy). Through your yoga practice at Luminosity, you come to embody your best self.


As you walk in the studio, the noisy, busy world is left behind. You are invited to cultivate stillness as you move on the mat, lie on the floor, sit on the cushion, and remember who you are.

More about Cundy

In 1994 Cundy received her Master's degree in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Her love of movement began in ballet class at age four, and she discovered yoga at age fourteen. As a college student in Virginia Carver's legendary Improvisational Movement class, she was introduced to the work of Mary Starks Whitehouse, one of the founders of movement therapy.

In the years since, Cundy has received additional certifications in Pre- and Post-natal yoga, Yin Yoga, and was trained and practiced as a Birth Doula. Today, she is a daily practitioner of meditation and movement and shares these practices with her students at Luminosity Studio.

Imagine a studio that's...

Filled with light

Calm and spacious

Quiet and secluded

Welcome to Luminosity, a yoga retreat studio located right outside of Athens, Georgia.

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"Practice self care as if everything else depends on it."
~Rolf Gates

How long is a session?

Sessions range from 60 to 75 minutes long.

What happens in a session?

Sessions usually begin with a conversation, then transition into some combination of movement, asanas, breath work, and guided meditation. We usually conclude with deep relaxation.

Is any experience with yoga or movement necessary?

Not at all. Students come to Luminosity with all levels of experience. All are welcome.

What do I wear to the studio?

You may wear clothing that's loose and comfortable, something that allows for free and easy movement.

Should I eat before I come to the studio?

Cundy recommends eating a light snack an hour before your session. Please bring water with you.

Student voices...

I started with yoga as a part of my prenatal care, never thinking longterm that I would stick with it. Now I cannot imagine my life without it. Cundy is much more than a yoga instructor. She is a doula, a life coach, and a mentor. Each week I enter her studio as a broken-down, stressed-out version of myself. I leave there rejuvenated and energized, a new person. Cundy intuitively knows what my body and mind need. Thanks to her, I'm a better mother, wife, and person. She has shown me what self care is really about.

T.B., Athens, GA

I've been taking yoga classes on and off for over 20 years. Of all the teachers I've had, Cundy is by far the best! She has an intuitive sense of what her clients need and customizes her practice to each individual. She is like a physical and spiritual guide. After a session with her, my body feels completely restored, and my mind is clear. I feel like her teaching opens me up to be the best me I can be.

E.G., Athens, GA

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Luminosity Yoga Studio is a private retreat studio dedicated to the mindful practice of self care through breath, yoga and movement.